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Dristi Dahal wins Little Miss Universe 2014

Posted by NepaliAmir on May 14, 2014 at 7:05 PM Comments comments ()

12 year old, Dristi Dahal from Kathmandu has been crowned as Little Miss Universe 2014 which was took place at Kefalu resort of Milas in Turkey on 12th of May 2014. Currently, studyingin class 8 at NIC Academy got to represented Nepal at Little Miss Universe 2014 after being the winner of Little Miss Universe Nepal 2014 which was organized by Eplanet Nepal. Dristi became the winner of Little Miss Universe 2014 after beating 43 contestants from 22 nations. She was also the winner of Miss Talent title. This was the first time Nepal, took place in this contest and has manage to grab the main title. We hope for a good future for the new Little Miss Universe 2014, Dristi Dahal from Nepal!

Ishani's Project Smile is coming to Kanchanpur & Bardia

Posted by NepaliAmir on May 5, 2014 at 4:35 AM Comments comments ()

With the initiative for better dental oral hygienic, former Miss Nepal World 2013 Ishani Shrestha has been working on her beauty with a purpose project of “Project Smile”. She has been doing free check across the rural Nepal and has already gone to Jumla, Nawalparasi and Chitwan. Now, Ishani is going to Krishnapur, Kanchanpur on May 6 & Dalla, Bardia on May 7 to continue on with her project smile for a better Nepal, which is supported by the UN.

Missosology Nepal team would like to wish Ishani for a better future and we hope she will continue her project smile in the long run as well.

Miss World 1999 in Nepal

Posted by NepaliAmir on May 2, 2014 at 5:50 AM Comments comments ()

At the event organised by Lucky Ace Entertainment Yukta Mukhey Miss World 1999 was invited to the party. Along side Yukta, Ishani Shrestha and Shivangni Rana both were seen flaunting in the latest designs of Bishow Gautam in the sensational white dresses. The white event brough celebs like Sadichha Shrestha and other celebs of K-town who were also presents in the party.

Miss Nepal 2013 meets the President

Posted by NepaliAmir on May 2, 2014 at 5:45 AM Comments comments ()

After 20 years since the nations biggest beauty pageant has being existed. The government of Nepal had shown no keen interest on the beauty sector of the country, however for the very first time Ishani Shrestha Miss Nepal World 2013 had the chance to meet the preisdent of Nepal, Mr Ram Baran Yadav. We hope that the government will show their support to our beauty queens just the way they support other national sports in the country.


Posted by NepaliAmir on April 25, 2014 at 1:50 PM Comments comments ()

To watch Miss Nepal 2014, the live telecast will shown from Nepal Television from 4:30pm onwards. If you want to watch the show live here is the link below which has the live stream for Nepal TV.


Insights on what happened during Miss Nepal 2013

Posted by NepaliAmir on April 25, 2014 at 1:25 PM Comments comments ()

Miss Nepal contest is definitely improving in terms of the quality of contestants who are tall, beautiful, and confident were the women participating this year. When I entered the venue, I thought it will be well managed but I was literally in a shock to see the chaos. My eye caught sight of former Miss Nepal 2000, Usha Khadgi and I could see nothing for a while. Thanks to my brother, I was provided with a Special Pass in the VIP row. As, I was searching for my sit I was interrupted by a women “Excuse Me”, she said as I was on her way. I gave her some space but I who was she? She looked like some model from Fashion TV with a noticeable loud eye make-up and her hair pulled up almost a feet high over her head. Later I realized she was Sahana Bajracharya, Miss Nepal 2010 1st runner up. I along with my friends, sat next to her. However, the never-ending flaw still prevails in the so-called glamorous pageant of the Year.

During the introduction round, there was some technical problem as always. The voice over for the contestants didn’t seem to work. It favored only few contestants. The venue itself was quite small as the judges’ seats were so close to the VIP row.

The biggest blunder: we were sitting on the fourth row (centre) from where we could see outside the main door too. In the middle of the event, we looked at the door as we could see a tall beauty wearing a crown having some discussions. She was Nagma Shrestha Miss Nepal Earth 2012 along with Subechya Khadka Miss Nepal International 2012 trying hard to carry her clothes yet managing to ask the volunteers about where she was supposed to sit. To make things worse, the volunteer came inside, looked at the seat, went outside and told her where her name was placed. She still looked bewildered and requested him to escort her. That was a pitiful moment and the more pity was when she entered and sat on the front row, there were volunteers showing their back (standing in front of her) and gossiping. Were they not supposed to have a proper seat??? Literally I felt so sorry for her, a tall woman with such a big gown in the front row with congested seat? One of the top 5 finalists of Miss Nepal 2012 and the winner of Miss Global 2012, Neelam Chand was sitting on one of the three special seats next to the judges but she was never introduced. Right after the event, the contestants who didn’t got selected for top 5 were wondering here and there to find a proper place and even no one bothered about the judges too.

Malvika Subba, certainly was looking gorgeous and was the emcee for the show who seemed too hyper while dealing with the media afterwards & the media person were no less either. They were literally asking some silly questions like “Shristi Shrestha Top 30 ma pugnu bhayo, tapai top 20 ma pugchhu bhanna saknu hunchha ahile?” She was yelling that the winner has to leave for live news, that could be one reason for her to wrap up the show early. But definitely, someone like Malvika is required to settle the journalist of zero calibers.

The most hyped event certainly is losing its charm. I strongly believe that in national events like Miss Nepal, the load shedding should be called off or it could be live telecasted in channels that aren’t disturbed by the news. At, the moment of announcing the winner. I was getting random text from few of my friends telling me “are you guys still watching ads while we were actually watching the winners”. Besides, the typical tradition of calling out the representatives from the sponsors when giving out every single award is not only time-consuming but also highly lame- when a man with almost zero personality came on stage to adorn the sash for Miss Personality, he set off a laugh riot.

Well every beauty has their own purpose. We already have got our three winners who will soon be leaving to represent Nepal in the international Pageants. Let’s not criticize Ishani for not being everyone’s cup of tea; let’s not compare her with shristhi Shrestha as well because we cannot compare people. Even Malina Joshi was termed as one Ugly Duckling who now has bounced back as a style dive and was able to leave mark in Miss World as Top 30 finalist in Beauty with a Purpose. In the end, we have to stay united and support the new lady as she will represent Nepal in the world just like Shristhi did a year back.

I literally found Shristi Shrestha more confident and at ease while delivering her farewell speech than the time she was announced the winner. She was shining like a gem in her Red gown and certainly was the most beautiful women in the whole auditorium. On an emotional note, she said, “One minute I’d be attending a high profile event and the next, I’d be in a place where the nearest health post is four days away”. She added that the support she received during the participation in the Miss World proves that Nepalis stands for each other and hope same continues in days to come.

As far as the winner is concerned, we only have two opinions. We want a tall, slim, beautiful lady standing out in the crowd with every possibility to bring the blue crown home or we can hope for a young, literate, confident girl proving herself that external beauty can be achieved but it is difficult to be beautiful from the heart. Right after the pageant my friend commented me that I will be criticizing the winner again but this time I will not because she certainly deserved to win. Though I still agree with people that there were some other beautiful ladies but we should not forget that it’s all about the beauty with a brain.

Written by Roshan Chamling Rai

Astha Shrestha Miss Nepal US 2012's interview

Posted by NepaliAmir on April 25, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments ()

Astha Shrestha Miss Nepal US 2012 and her runner ups get interviewed by Talk of the Town by White Himal Television, which is a New York, based Nepalese Channel. Watch Below

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Miss Tamang's success in Miss Nepal

Posted by NepaliAmir on April 25, 2014 at 8:20 AM Comments comments ()

There are almost over 100 beauty pageants that are taking place on and off around the country. However, only some of those pageants have managed to send their winners to the biggest national pageant of Miss Nepal. In this article we are talking about none other, than one of the most popular regional pageant of Miss Tamang. The pageant which crowns the most beautiful nepali girl from a tamang background. Over the years, Miss Tamang has a good reputation in Miss Nepal pageant as their representatives have managed to get great placements. Some of them include:

Miss Tamang 2006 – Zenisha Moktan later Miss Nepal 2009 - Winner

Miss Tamang 2012 – Sumi Moktan later Miss Nepal 2012 - 4th Runner Up

Miss Tamang 2013 – Lakpa Tamang later Miss Nepal 2014 Finalists – TBA

In this year’s Miss Nepal 2014 pageant; Lakpa Tamang is representing the Tamang community. The final event of Miss Nepal is going to be held on May 2 in Army Officer’s Club, which will determine if Lakpa will be the next Miss Nepal. What do you think? Is Lakpa suitable for Miss Nepal 2014?

Controversial Miss Nepal Winners

Posted by NepaliAmir on April 25, 2014 at 7:05 AM Comments comments ()

Over the 20 years of time period, since Miss Nepal beauty contest has started from 1994. There have been numerous occasions when the public has disagreed with the judges choice as the winner. Miss Nepal and controversy has always been going hand in hand and here is some of the most controversial Miss Nepals that we are going to list below.

Miss Nepal 1998 - Jyoti Pradhan. Our dusky beauty from Kathmandu who stood tall at the height at 5 feet 8 inches tall won the hearts of Nepali audience during Miss Nepal 1998 contest. However once she landed in Seychelles, for the Miss World 1998 contest things took turns as after the pageant contest was completed. Jyoti was nowhere to be seen as she left for a flight to America and has never returned back to Nepal. Hidden Treasure organsiation were furious of her actions as she didn't manage to fulfill her duties as Miss Nepal, 1st runner up Niru Shrestha was then handed as the new Miss Nepal 1998 and finished the reign.

Miss Nepal 2000 - Nepalese Feminist party has always been opposed to beauty contest and Miss Nepal was no expection. Ever since the pageant started, the feminists party has always tried to stop it from taking place. In 2000, while the beauty pageant of Miss Nepal 2000 was taking pace inside Birendra International Conference Convention Centre. Outside was a different scenario, a group of Nepalese feminists were protesting againsts the pageant, their reason was solely that the pageant was mistreating the women and were using them as objecs for commerical use.

Miss Nepal 2001 - Due to the tragic lost of Nepalese Royal Massacre. The pageant in 2001 was cancelled in the lost of Nepalese Royal Family.

Miss Nepal 2005 - Hidden Treasure wanted to change the format of the pageant in the year 2005. There was a formal interview round inplace of the traditional Top 10 Q&A round. Also, there was a change the format of the top 5 finalsits as there wasn't written final answers but they made the top 5 to answer the final question right at the spot and made the other finalists wait backstage. Even though, the format looked sloggy due to the disorganization the format was following the 1990s Miss Universe era. The reason why the pageant got in so much controversy was not because of the format change but because the crowd favourite Shavona Shrestha ended up as the 1st runner up. The dark horse, Sugarika KC managed to clinched the main title. The news shocked the nepali audience and the day after the pageant, public started pouring their frustration calling the pageant was fixed.

Miss Nepal 2007 - Just like the year 2000, Miss Nepal 2007 pageant was no expection. The nepalese feminists tried to stop the pageant was taking place by marching a protest outside Birendra International Conference Convention Centre.

Miss Nepal 2008 - After many years of failure to cancel the show; in 2008 the feminists party started to threatend the pageant by saying that they would use a fake sext tape of a contestant, Zenisha Moktan. If they end up doing the pageant then, they would live telecast Zenisha's fake MMS which in the end turned out to be fake but after postponing the contest after the many times. In the end, the show got cancelled for the second time in the history of Miss Nepal.

Miss Nepal 2011 - In the year 2011, the pageant took everyones notice as that year the public shown keen interest on the pageant after success in 2010 pageant. However due to the low profile applications, the pageant slowly showed it's crack as the pageant was showcasing live in NTV. Once, the top 5 finalists names were announced the online rant were showcasing due to the distress of the way the finalists were showcased ill fitted gowns from Usha Khadgi Miss Nepal 2000's UR Stylish boutique. Once, the winner was announced just like the year 2005; the public showed their frustration via facebook and other online media to voice their disagreement with the judges. As, the crowd favourite, Anupama Gurung ended with 1st runner up spot.

Title Awards for Miss Nepal 2014

Posted by NepaliAmir on April 21, 2014 at 11:50 AM Comments comments ()

This year we have 8 title awards for Miss Nepal 2014 beauty pageant. Each year, along side the winners the title awards winners also get prizes from different sponsors and here is the list of this year's 8 title awards;

Barnan Miss Best Complexion 2014

Berger Miss Talent 2014

Ganpati Miss Photogenic 2014

Hyundai Miss Friendship 2014

Honda Miss Stylish 2014

Nanglo Miss Perosnality 2014

Republica Fanta Miss Bubbly 2014

Sulux Miss Punctuality 2014

The finale is due May 2 at the Army Officer's Club and the pageant will start from 4:30pm onwards at Nepal Television and NTV Plus.


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