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Dare to be different

If you were born to stand out, then you shouldn't be afraid to be different.

Catharina Choi Nunes - who was crowned as Miss Korea Brazil 2013 1st runner up but when the winner was dethroned due to personal reasons she became the first ever Miss Korea Brazil 2013 winner.

Thanks to her mixed Korean Brazilian heritage her tanned skin and exotic features quickly became noticeable and was a clear stand out during Miss Korea 2013. With her fearless attitude, curvy figure and her sexy walk won the judges heart and placed as the 2nd runner up during Miss Korea 2013.

Later, she got the chance to represent Korea at the Miss Earth 2013 pageant; Catharina was quite popular among the online pageant fans because of her features. During Miss Earth 2013, Catharina got crowned as the new Miss Fire 2013 (The title is equivalent to 3rd runner up/4th place) title.

She has become an inspiration towards many Korean girls who look different from you’re stereotypical Korean beauty standards. At the moment, she has been working as the reigning Miss Fire, to contribute towards the development of our mother Earth.

So, to all our readers we would like to tell you that if you were born to be different than don't change you're self for anybody. One day, people will admire who you truly are and that day you will become an inspiration to somebody somewhere. 

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