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Should Prinsha replace Subin as new Miss Nepal World 2014?

Since 2011, Miss Nepal who have represented Nepal at Miss World and other international pageants have manage to get placement and win special title-holders. Specially in Miss World, year by year Miss Nepal World are getting higher placements from Malina's Top 30 in Beauty with a Purpose spot to Ishani's recent Top 10 *(5th Place) achievement. This year's 19th edition of Miss Nepal 2014 was held in May 2 where, Dharan native Subin Limbu was crowned as Miss Nepal World giving her the second win for her town Dharan. Despite a shocking win, Subin has a very laid-back and claim approach to life which could be seen through her presentation which always disappoints her pageant fans from her styling choice to her dry hair which doesn't compliment her look. The top 3 winners of Miss Nepal 2014 have been attending grooming lessons by Sakil Kunwar, Bipin Gurung and Lidia Rozdilsky for over 5 months. Even though, there hasn't been any improvements in Subin's case her counterpart Prinsha Shrestha (Miss Nepal Earth 2014) has improved immensely from looking her teeth by wearing braces to grooming herself to make a betterment of herself to Sonie Rajbhandari (Miss Nepal International 2014) who has joined the gym right after Miss Nepal pageant and has manage to tone her body by shedding 15kg within 3 months since May. 

Miss World is due December which will be held in London, UK. It is almost 1 month left until Subin will take her flight to London for her 1 month time in Miss World pageant. If Subin is going to proceed with her laid-back attitude than we might lose the high placing streak with a deserving non placement for Nepal. Subin has still not planned or even started her Beauty with a Purpose campaign unlike last year's winner Ishani who won the title of Beauty with a Purpose for her Project Smile which won the hearts of many people worldwide and the judges. Ishani has raised the bar so high that, it is almost impossible for Subin to exile her proceeder. 

Should Miss Nepal organisation, send Prinsha Shrestha to Miss World 2014 by replacing Subin for her lack of contribution and work towards social work or lack of interest for preparing for Miss World contest? As due to the fact Prinsha, won the title of Beauty with a Purpose during Miss Nepal 2014 event and so far has been contribution and working hard in her campaign. 

List of past achievements of Miss Nepals from 2011 onwards:

* Malina Joshi - TOP 30 Beauty with a Purpose (MISS WORLD 2011)

* Samriddhi Rai - Miss Personality (MISS TOURISM QUEEN INT'L 2011)

* Shristi Shrestha - TOP 20; Top 10 Beach Beauty and Top 10 Multimedia (MISS WORLD 2012)

* Nagma Shrestha - TOP 8; 1st runner up Walk with M.E and 1st runner up Dolphins Love Freedom Mural Painting Challenge (MISS EARTH 2012)

* Ishani Shrestha - TOP 10 (5th place); Winner of Beauty with a Purpose and 2nd runner up of Multimedia (MISS WORLD 2013)

* Rojisha Shahi Thakuri - 1st runner up Best in Evening Gown (MISS EARTH 2013)

* Samriddhi Rai - Miss Press Princess (MISS TOURISM ASIA 2013) 

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