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Srijana Regmi in Miss Grand International 2014

Nepali beauty Srijana Regmi has arrived in Thailand last night and today she alongside the other contestants took part in a photoshoot for the Miss Grand International 2014's website

In this page, we will update you with the latest updates and news regarding Miss Regmi's in Miss Grand International 2014 pageant. She has already wow the Thai people by her stylish pink outfit by Subexya Bhadel. 

Day 1: Srijana arrived on Thailand in the mid night, reason why there have been no photos of her out but we will post her daily photos from Miss Grand International pageant.

According to her Facebook, she says: 

"Reached the beautiful Thailand yesterday night. Today's photo shoot was a new experience to me, being praised by people who don't know you is a new adventure in my life. :)

Wardrobe courtesy: Subexya Bhadel
Everybody loved your design. Thank you. :) "

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Day Activity Gallery:

Day 7: Private interview with judges

On Day 7, all the contestants of Miss Grand International 2014 attended a private interview with judges. According to Srijana's facebook statues, it seems it went well for her: 
"My interview went well. Everybody in Missgrandinternational team makes you at home."

Day 6: Going to Zoo in Sukothai and Leaving for Bangkok

On Day 6, MGI 2014 contestants made a visit to Sukothai Zoo, the girls competed in Best in Swimwear Round however, Srijana unfortunately missed the Top 25 spot. The girls joined in a fun activity to paint and get creative in Baan HaadSiew hand weaving textile Pha Sin Teen Cho. They were also made a visit to gold shop, in the end Srijana alongside the other contestants made a flight to Bangkok for more upcoming events.

Day 5: Visit to Sukothai Festival

On day 5, the contestants were taken to Sukothai Festival which originally happen during November but because the pageant finishes before the festival. The girls were taken to a mock up of Sukothai Festival. After, the were taken to a buddhist monastery to pray to goddess of Thailand. Sirjana is seen wearing Gold detail brown cocktail dress by Sanjeeta Di, styled by PartyFiesta Nepal and Black and red dress by  Subexya Bhadel.

Day 4: National Costume Video & Photo shoots

Day 4: The National Costume video shoot and photoshoot was done on this day. Srijana was seen wearing a red nepali costume by Swornim Rai with northern nepali jewellerys.

Day 3, Visit to Sukhothai, Thailand

Day 3: The photoshoot which was done on Day 1 of the activity was published.

Day 2: Miss Grand Nepal 2014 during Miss Grand International 2014 Press Conference and Fashion Show

Day 2, Srijana attended the Press Conference and Fashion Show. The video is below:

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