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TIMELESS BEAUTY: Rajani Thapa Mrs. Nepal 2013

Mrs. Nepal 2013 Rajani Thapa is a beautiful Nepali woman of modern day Nepal. She was recently in the media for her outstanding achievement during Mrs. Universe 2014 where she won the title of the Most Beautiful Lady. Missolosogy Nepal had the chance to interview this wise and confident woman.

I was married at the young age of 17 and have two daughters. Before, I was just a housewife who was struggling a lot to create name for myself. I used to work in Co-operative office, as a collector those days was very hard for me. In 2011, my first pageant was Miss and Mrs. Teej 2011; there may over 72 contestants that was an open competition. That was the first time ever, I walk on stage and it was also my first experience speaking holding a mike infront of a huge audience. I was selected for catwalk round which was between Top 31 semi finalists. It felt great to be a part of Top 31 and I felt very happy about it. In 2012, I entered Teej Queen 2012, which was organized by Sadhana Kala Kendra, and Rojin Shakya was our choreographer. At that pageant I won the title of 3rd runner up and Mrs. Best Personality. From then onwards, I started to think to myself that I could do something this sector; I had more confidence and more experience with two pageants.

In 2013, I heard about Mrs. Nepal by Rojin Sir but I reached at Eplanet Nepal office through Dreams Unlimited. Once, I filled up the form, I was very nervous of the audition. It was my luck that I was selected from the audition and attended the one-month class where Anita Pathak was our coordinator, where I learned a lot from the training sessions. Finally, I ended up winning the title Mrs. Nepal 2013. After being crowned as Mrs. Nepal, I was chosen as a Goodwill Ambassador of Raksha Nepal, which is a non-profitable org to fight Against Sexual Violence. It was great award because I have always wanted to work as a social worker and currently I am still working with Raksha Nepal.

In 2013, I got the chance to complete in an international pageant called Mrs. Globe 2013, which was held in Shenzhen, China; it had a total of 53 contestants. It was my first international pageant and I had no past experience. It was a platform for me to learn about international pageants and people from other countries, where I ended up winning the award for “The Philanthropy Award”

In 2014, Deepa Shahi Rana was crowned as the new Mrs. Nepal 2014; she was supposed to go for Mrs. Universe 2014 however the luck was at my sight and she was unable to compete so, the org requested me to compete for Mrs. Universe 2014. I got a second chance to represent my country Nepal in an international pageant where, I gained more experience and became more confident. As a result, I was awarded as the title of “Beautiful Lady of Universe”. The experience and lessons that I learned from this journey is that “You, can do it if you want it from your heart and never stop your dreaming” – Rajani Thapa

To any ladies who are interested in competing in international pageant, I would like to share with you that it is very difficult because the Nepali government doesn’t help us at all. And you have to either find a sponsor or pay all by yourself. Nepali media does support us to a certain degree but we would also need emotional support. It is quite expensive to participate in an international platform because we have to cover up a lot of fees and it is very hard to find sponsor. I was very lucky to have Mr. Romrell who was a judge in Mrs. Globe 2013; he sponsored me for Mrs. Universe 2014 for which I am forever grateful and I paid all the expenses by myself and with some help of Eplanet Nepal for Mrs. Globe 2013. In any international pageant, every single contestant had minimum of 2 assistants during backstage helping them but as most Nepali delegates I had no helpers, which was quite difficult.

If was given a chance to compete in another international beauty pageant then, I would love to compete in Mrs. World because it is the biggest international beauty pageant for married women.

At last, I would like to give a message to all the Missosology Nepal’s readers:

“Married women are not only made for kitchen, they can also show their power in the media, they can also do anything if they want to...” – Rajani Thapa Mrs. Nepal 2013

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